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Q: What is the cost of Polaro?

A: The final pricing of Polaro will be officially announced as we near production and during our reveal event. We anticipate that the base model of Polaro will be priced at around $2,800*. It's important to remember that this price is an initial estimation and is subject to change.

Additional Financial Information:
- Deposit and Financing: We offer a $100 refundable deposit for early reservations. Following this, we plan to introduce a 0% financing option to make acquiring Polaro more accessible.
- Cost-Benefit: Comparatively, people typically spend about $150 per week on piano lessons, excluding travel costs. Investing in Polaro quickly demonstrates its value, as it eliminates these recurring expenses.
* This price is an estimate and may be adjusted based on final production costs and market factors.

Q: What is the expected delivery timeline for Polaro?

A: We are eagerly anticipating the start of Polaro shipments, which are currently scheduled to begin towards the end of 2024. Following this initial phase, we aim to increase the frequency of deliveries in the months that follow. Please be aware that your specific delivery date will depend on when you placed your refundable pre-order, as we are prioritizing orders on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please Note: These timelines are estimates and are subject to change. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality for our products, and occasionally, adjustments to the timeline may be necessary to uphold our commitment to excellence. We appreciate your understanding and patience and will keep you informed of any updates regarding your Polaro's delivery.

Q: Can Polaro be used onstage as a MIDI controller with ability to play your own video on the screen?

A: Yes, PianoOS and native applications will have the capability to use Polaro as a MIDI controller, along with customizable touchscreen controls for use on stage or in the studio. Additionally, you can play videos and 3D animations on the screen to enhance performance visualization. This feature also comes standard with a music meditation app.