Bob Polaro
5067 Corte Alacante
Oceanside CA 92057
(760) 525-6422
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AREAS OF EXPERTISE - Unity3d, Android SDK, APIs, UI, Scaling, Java,
Eclipse, Accelerometer, C, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, C#, Rest, XML, JSON,
XCODE, IOS (Unity), Admob, Git, Particle Systems, Source Tree, BitBucket,
Mecanim, Parallaxing, Scrum, Agile, Axosoft, Unity Ads, Monetization.
Twisted Forge Studios (8/16 - 3/17) Oxnard, CA
Software Engineer
Hired as lead programmer to develop game apps for the Android and IOS platforms
using Unity3d as the development engine. Completed Twisted Christmas for the
Android/IOS. Worked on Raptor Defense and Crush Hour (3d) for the
Android/IOS. Used Axosoft as the Scrum Agile framework. Used Unity Ads and
Admob for monetization. (4/10 - ) Santa Cruz, CA
Software Engineer
I started this website to showcase my apps. I completed the following 16 original
apps in java/javascript as the sole developer using the eclipse and Unity for
native and hybrid apps.
Developed an animation manager and maintained various educational apps using
unity, source tree and git for Morphonix .
Chicken Shift (Unity-android,IOS)- Published by RetroAction Entertainment, I
developed this retro game in javascript, C#, and XCODE employing physics,
gravity and optimal collision engineering. Used Admob for monetization.
Isopod - I converted the game from the Ipad. I was able to feature the
accelerometer, touchscreen and high quality animation.
DrinkMaster, WineMaster and BeerMaster (Unity-android,IOS)- Lifestyle apps that
use Voice recognition and text entry. WineMaster uses Rest and Json.
World Geography (Unity-android,IOS) - Available in 6 languages. Designed to
learn 197 countries. Also States and Capitals , Monterey Bay Sea Life , Slideshow , Dinosaurus,
Word Whiz and Word Safari (Unity
Santa Cruz Games (6/04 - 12/04) Santa Cruz, CA
Software Engineer
I Developed a Spiderman game for the Jakks plug and play joystick system. Hired
as a contractor, I quickly learned the system, coding and debugging in c to get the
final product released prior to deadline (9/03 - current) Santa Cruz, CA
Developed websites for small businesses, artists and realtors. development from
start to finish employing such tools as Php, JavaScript and drop down menus.
Arcade Planet/Lazertron (4/97 - 12/02) Livermore, CA
Software Engineer
Rapidly developed 12 Java based games for Ensured
quality of outside developer games for the Arcade Planet online gaming network.
SourceSafe was used to maintain parallel code development.
I also coded a number of ms-dos based games for the PrizeZone arcade system,
which evolved into the VRS (video redemption system).
T.H.Q. (12/94 - 11/96) Calabasas, CA
Software Engineer
Lead programmer for BASS Masters Classic in English and Japanese for the
Super-Nintendo coded in assembly language. Our fishing games brought T.H.Q.
into profitability. The Super Nintendo version of Bass Master’s Classic scored a 29
from Nintendo.
WINGS for Learning (4/90 - 1/93) Scotts Valley, CA
Software Engineer
Developed a Scuba Science package for this educational company designed to
read temperature, sound and light probes for the Apple II. Also worked on various
other educational products.
BOBCO (9/84 - 4/90) Santa Cruz, CA
Owner/Software Engineer
Established BOBCO to develop World Geography for the Commodore 64 and the
Apple II that was self-published getting worldwide distribution. Later developed a
number of Atari 2600 games on a contract basis for Atari and Mediagenics
including Desert Falcon, Sprintmaster, Rampage and Roadrunner. The
German version of World Geography sold over 2000 copies.
ATARI Inc. - Consumer Electronics Division (9/78 - 7/84) Sunnyvale, CA
Software Engineer
Hired to develop games and applications for the Atari 800. I developed a number
of Atari 2600 arcade conversions and original commercially available games coded
in 6502 assembly language. These included Defender and Real Sports
Volleyball. A number of games completed were recently released were Bugs
Bunny, Holey Moley and Stunt Cycle. Defender sold over 3 million units.
COMMODORE Inc. (3/78 - 7/78) Palo Alto, CA
Software Engineer
Developed games and applications for the Commodore Pet including baseball,
blackjack and a stock portfolio program coded in Basic.
Adam Systems (2/77 - 7/78) Farmingdale, NY
Developed accounting applications including inventory control and accounts