Bob Polaro

201 Beachview Ave

Santa Cruz CA 95060

(831) 429-6888


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AREAS OF EXPERTISE - Android SDK, APIs, UI, Scaling, Java, Eclipse,

Accelerometer, C, HTML, PHP, Unity3d, JavaScript, C#, Rest, XML, JSON, XCODE, IOS (Unity), Admob, Git, Particle Systems, Source Tree, BitBucket (4/10 - ) Santa Cruz, CA

Java Programmer / Android / Unity developer

I started this website to showcase my apps. As an android developer of over 5 years, I completed the following 16 original apps in java/javascript as the sole developer using the eclipse and Unity guis for native and hybrid apps. Morphonix: Developed an animation manager and maintained various educational apps using unity, source tree and git.

Chicken Shift (Unity-android,IOS) Published by RetroAction Entertainment, I developed this retro game in javascript, C#, and XCODE employing physics, gravity and optimal collision engineering.

Isopod - I converted the game from the Ipad. I was able to feature the accelerometer, touchscreen and high quality animation.

DrinkMaster, WineMaster and BeerMaster (Unity-android,IOS)- Lifestyle apps that use Voice recognition and text entry. WineMaster uses Rest and Json. World Geography (Unity-android,IOS) - Available in 6 languages. Designed to learn 197 countries. Also States and Capitals , Monterey Bay Sea Life, Slideshow and Dinosaurus (Unity-android,IOS). Word Whiz for android.

I can turn over product quickly to suit anyone’s needs. My development on the Android OS utilizes the sdk and available apis, employing a number of attributes such as the touch screen, voice recognition, scaling, the accelerometer, vibrations, audio, physics, gravity and others. I feel I can develop android and ios apps that use every tool available. My website that showcases all my apps is here:

Santa Cruz Games (6/04 - 12/04) Santa Cruz, CA

Programmer / Game developer

I Developed a Spiderman game for the Jakks plug and play joystick system. Hired as a contractor, I quickly learned the system, coding and debugging in c to get the final product released prior to deadline. (9/03 – current) Santa Cruz, CA


Developed websites for small businesses, artists and realtors. development from start to finish employing such tools as Php, JavaScript and drop down menus.

Arcade Planet/Lazertron (4/97 – 12/02) Livermore, CA

Programmer / Game developer

Rapidly developed 12 Java based games for Ensured quality of outside developer games for the Arcade Planet online gaming network. SourceSafe was used to maintain parallel code development.

I also coded a number of ms-dos based games for the PrizeZone arcade system, which evolved into the VRS (video redemption system).

T.H.Q. (12/94 - 11/96) Calabasas, CA

Programmer / Game developer

Lead programmer and designer for BASS Masters Classic in English and Japanese for the Super-Nintendo coded in assembly language. Developed fishing games that brought T.H.Q. into profitability.

The Super Nintendo version of Bass Master’s Classic scored a 29 from Nintendo.

WINGS for Learning (4/90 - 1/93) Scotts Valley, CA

Programmer / Game developer

Developed a Scuba Science package for this educational company designed to read temperature, sound and light probes for the Apple II. Also worked on various other educational products.

BOBCO (9/84 - 4/90) Santa Cruz, CA

Programmer / Game developer / Publisher

Established BOBCO to develop World Geography for the Commodore 64 and the Apple II that was self-published getting worldwide distribution. Later developed a number of Atari 2600 games on a contract basis for Atari and Mediagenics including Desert Falcon, Sprintmaster, Rampage and Roadrunner. The German version of World Geography sold over 2000 copies.

ATARI Inc. - Consumer Electronics Division (9/78 - 7/84) Sunnyvale, CA

Programmer / Game developer

Hired to develop games and applications for the Atari 800. I developed a number of Atari 2600 arcade conversions and original commercially available games coded in 6502 assembly language. These included Defender and Real Sports Volleyball. A number of games completed were recently released were Bugs Bunny, Holey Moley and Stunt Cycle. Defender sold over 3 million units.

COMMODORE Inc. (3/78 - 7/78) Palo Alto, CA

Programmer / Game developer

Developed games and applications for the Commodore Pet including baseball, blackjack and a stock portfolio program coded in Basic.

Adam Systems (2/77 - 7/78) Farmingdale, NY


Developed accounting applications including inventory control and accounts receivable.


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